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Flags & symbols on number plates - BANNED!

The UK government and DVLA have announced that from the start of 2021, all vehicles registered in the UK will not be allowed GB EU flags…

Number Plates with GB EU Flag to be Prohibited from January 1st

The UK government has announced that from January 1st 2021, UK registered vehicles can no longer be fitted with number plates with the GB EU flag. The move comes as the UK fast approaches the end of the Brexit transition period on December 31st. The government passed the new legislation on Monday, November 30th.

Why Is the GB EU Flag Being Prohibited?

Fitting number plates with the GB EU flag is only allowed while the UK is still a member of the European Union. When the Brexit transition period comes to an end on December 31st 2020, the UK officially leaves the EU and the flag will no longer be permitted.

The good news is that if you already have GB EU plates, they can continue to be used and you don’t have to change them. However, for driving in Europe after Brexit, you will need to display an oval GB sticker or badge.

What can I have instead?

Display an alternative flag. When you buy new number plates, or if you want to change your EU plates, they can display one of several legal UK national flags, including:

GB/Great Britain and the Union Flag

ENG/England and the Cross of St George

SCO/Scotland and the Saltire

CYM/Cymru and the Welsh Dragon

The national flags do not officially act as a notifier that your vehicle is from the UK. For travelling overseas, the plates must also be accompanied by a legal GB oval.

Getting Your Number Plates Made Up

You can only get your number plates made up by a registered number plate supplier such as ourselves. See our numberplates services and prices here.

Be wary of online sellers that do not require documentation - it's illegal, and you have no idea where your registration information may be going!

We will need to see original documents that prove your name and address as well as documentation to show you’re entitled to use the registration number.

You can use the following to confirm your name and address:

Driving licence

Utility, Council Tax or rates bill from the last 6 months

Bank or building society statement from the last 6 months

National identity card

These documents will confirm your name only:

Passport - does not have to be issued in the UK

Bank or building society debit or credit card

police warrant card

Armed forces identity card

To prove that you’re entitled to use the registration number, you’ll need an official DVLA document, such as:

The log book (V5C)

The green new keeper slip from the log book

A certificate of entitlement (V750)

A retention document (V778).

A number plate authorisation certificate (V948)

Or check the full list of valid documents on the DVLA's website.

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