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Car Cleaning: The basics.

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to my portion of the GK's blog.

My name is Damien, I own and operate 3D+ Detail.

With 18+ years in the trade I have tried and tested almost every aspect of vehicle cleaning, enhancement and protection aswell as a few years on the tools with many projects and restorations under my belt for good measure.

In the coming weeks I'll be show casing the most entry level of valeting and detailing techniques to help you lovely people keep your own cars in top condition and hopefully enhance them further as you learn and improve.

Every tool, product and accessory i'll mention (not always by brand name as I have loyalties to certain brands and companies) will be avaliable to GKs in some way. Either in store or avaliable to order.

50/50 shots, how-to guides, best practice methods that I've developed over years will all go along way to explain how to safely and efficiently bring your car up to standard without breaking the bank....or your back.

No matter if you drive a Fiesta or a Ferarri I've most likely worked on it so I'll do my best it to help you make it look even better.

Stay tuned. Stay classy.


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