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Foamex board prices:

A1 - £55

A2 - £35

A3 - £18.50 or 2 for £30

A4 - £12 or 2 for £17.50

ACM (di-bond) board prices:

A1 - £65

A2 - £45

A3 - £28.50 or 2 for £55

A4 - £22 or 2 for £40

These prices are for print ready artwork supplied. 

Don't have artwork? Don't worry! Our design charges aren't designed to make profit, it's just to cover our time. It can be as little as an extra £5 added. Most times, simple designs are covered within the board costings.

What is Foamex?

Foamex is highly compact PVC foam sheet.

We stock 5mm as standard. It can be cut and drilled easily.

It is light enough to affix to walls without the need to drill, however can be drilled with a normal household drill if need be.

Indoor use: Long term.

Outdoor use: Mid to long term dependent on climate.

We have had experiences with foamex signs living up to 5 years + outside without any issue. However whilst being weather resistant, high heat or below freezing temps can cause warping or bowing. Such environmental factors can reduce its longevity to less than 2 years. 

What is ACM or Di-bond?

ACM, or Aluminium Composite Material, is a three-layer sandwich panel consisting of two pre-painted aluminum sheets bonded to a polyethylene (PE) core.

This is tough stuff with excellent weathering properties. It also offers better protection from vandalism - it is very hard to bend or break without some serious force (or a hack saw!)

We stock 3mm as standard. It is harder to cut and so we can only offer straight line cutting with this material.

It can be drilled with a normal household drill. 

Indoor use: Long term

Outdoor use: Long term. 

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