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Removing Graphics

Removing vinyl correctly is just as important as it's application!

Get removal wrong and you could damage your paintwork/glass irrevocably .*

We share some methods that we use in the graphics department.

Points to take away:

- A bladed remover tool is only recommended for glass AND if you're a seasoned pro

- A plastic scraper tool is the best bet for beginners. You can find them online (for example

- A degreaser will remove any leftover glue residue from the sticker

- If vinyl has been on for a very long time, or has a particularly tough hold, heat will help melt the glue backing.

- A hairdryer is the safest way to heat up vinyl to remove.

- A heat gun WILL damage your vehicle if allowed to get too hot.

*We take no responsibility for any damage to your vehicle and you proceed at your own risk

Pt. 1: Remover Tools.

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