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Bring ID and Proof of Entitlement
Prices start from £15
per plate
Made while you wait
Standard plates 
made within

We are registered with the DVLA as a supplier of legal UK number plates, which means that all of our new and replacement number plates are completely road legal.
Available Sizes

Whether you're looking for standard plates or a set of our premium 4D plates, we offer the most common sizes, including standard UK oblong, Square (4x4) plates, and oversized (Range Rover) plates.

We also offer a range of motorcycle and quad bike plates, import sizes for Japanese and American vehicles as well as cut down plates for those with shorter registrations. 

Standard Size - £15 per plate

4D - £30 per plate

EV Vehicle  - £20 per plate

Europen travel - £20 per plate

All other plates sizes listed below - £17 per plate

What do I need to bring when I want plates made? 
Proof of Identity
  • Driving licence

  • Bank/Building Society statement issued within the last six months

  • Current utility, telephone or Council Tax bill issued within the last six months

  • Passport

  • National ID card issued by the Government of a state of territory other than the UK

  • Debit or credit card issued by a bank or building society

  • Police warrant card

  • Armed forces identity card

Proof of Entitlement
  • A Vehicle Registration Certificate (V5C) 

  • The tear-off slip (V5C/2) from (V5C section 10)

  • A Certificate of entitlement to a mark (V750)

  • A Cherished Transfer Retention Certificate (V778)

  • A Vehicle Licence Renewal (V11)

  • A Temporary Registration Certificate (V379)

  • An Authorisation Certificate (V948) from DVLA Local Office with official DVLA stamp, or a downloaded hard copy of the eV948

  • A letter of authorisation from Fleet Operators (including a lease/hire company). The letter must quote the document reference number from the V5C

These are legal guidelines imposed by the DVLA and enforced by secret shoppers. 
Unfortunately we can't provide you with new registration plates without the correct documents!
Numberplate Documents
Off-Road Sizes: £17.00 each

Please note: These are not legal for road use and are not sold for this purpose. 

Proof of ID and certificate of entitlement to the registration are still required.

By purchasing any off-road size you hereby agree to only display on private land.

GK Motor Factors will not be held responsible for any legal repercussions if you choose to display on public roads. 

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